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Educator Discounts

The Fidgety Flower offers a 25% discount to teachers and other educators in schools. We know that teachers often supply and pay for their own teaching tools for their classroom. We want to help them create the best classroom they can for their students by making things affordable.

In order to receive the educators 25% discount you will need to follow the following process before you place your order.

  1. Create an account with us by clicking on the “Sign-In” button at the top of the page. Then register under new user.
  2. Go to “Contact Us”. Fill out the form using the same name you created your account with. Then in the comments section you will need to include your school related email and the name and phone number of the school at which you work.
  3. After we confirm your educator status we will make the needed changes to your account with us and send you a confirmation email.
  4. Then sign in to your account when you order and you will automatically receive the 25% discount on your order with us.


If you are part of a school or a school’s PTA/PTO and would like to place a large order of  Fidget Boxes, please contact us so we can email you our discount rates and other information for making a large order. 

Free Fidgets For Your School

The Fidgety Flower is dedicated to providing educators with fidgets that enhance students ability to learn in the classroom and at home. We encourage you to share the information about our fidgets with the parents of children that gain from these fidgets. For every five fidgets that are bought, referencing your school at check out, The Fidgety Flower will donate one to the school for use in the classroom.


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