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Magnet Worm
Magnet Worm
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Ball Square
Marble Square
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The Fidgety Flower
Marble Square and Marble Worm
Ball Fidgets
3D Printed Bendy Worms
Bendy Worms
Pre-made Fidget Box Set
Fidget Box Sets
Different sets of fidgets
Fidget Sets
Magnet Worm
Magnetic Fidgets
Large and Mini Pull Puffs
Pull Puffs
Ribbon Ring Fidgets, Wood Fidgets
Rings, Ribbons, and Wood
Sensory Toys and Tools
Sensory Toys and Tools
Shape-Shifter Pillow
Shape-Shifter Pillows
Tactile Teaching Tools
Tactile Teaching Tools
Handmade fidgets, calming aids, sensory toys and tactile teaching tools
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